Month: November 2018

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Budgeting for Pet Care

BUDGET YOUR PET-SPEND 4 KEY AREAS TO MAXIMISE THE FUR-DOLLAR Twisted Whiskers clients, regardless of their income, have one thing in common:  pets are considered members of the family and their owners are prepared to spend whatever they can afford to ensure that their beloved fur-babies are happy and healthy. There’s no doubt about it,…
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TOP 6 MUST-HAVES FOR YOUR SHOPPING LIST. With springtime on the horizon, the world will soon be alive with furry bundles of joy and many of us may be preparing to welcome a new canine or feline family member.  After years of advising new pet-parents, we’ve put together a handy checklist so you know you’ve…
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Dental care

PEARLY WHITES OR GROTTY GNASHERS? We may know that it’s important to keep our pets’ teeth and gums in good health, as we do our own, but why is this so imperative? FULL-BODY HEALTH Unfortunately, tooth and gum disease can affect our beloved pet’s entire body.  That’s right.  It becomes difficult for your pet to…
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Pets and Sustainability

GREEN DOGS AND CATS How to reduce your pet’s carbon pawprint SUSTAINABILITY has to be this decade’s buzz word. And with good reason. After many years of dire warnings regarding our impact on the planet, organisations and individuals worldwide are finally stepping up and taking responsibility for reducing theirpersonal load on our limited resources. But published…
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